C with Confidence

These days, many of us look and feel 10 years younger but may need a little help reading the cocktail menu. We suddenly need to squint to see the fine print, and set the the extra large text option on our iPhone display.

But thanks to fellow baddies like J.Lo and The Real Housewives, cultural standards of youth and beauty are a changin' with both men and women evolving more confidently than ever. Modern aging is less about being fearful of what's next, and more about being fierce on how we approach it. And above all else, it's about being interesting to look at.

About CC Eyewear

CC Eyewear isn’t just a name, it's a definition. In fact, the word 'cheaters' is a common word that is used when referring to readers, and we're totally here for it! We like to think of ourselves as a destination for anyone who refuses to succumb to their age and wants to feel sexy and stylish when reaching for their reading glasses. Put more simply, we're the next best thing to Botox and fillers.

CC Eyewear offers a unique line of fresh styles that use top of the line materials, at surprisingly affordable price points. All of our frames are handcrafted using 100% acetate and spring hinges for an all-day wear. We fit them with CR39 lenses for the best visual quality with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Want more? Our lenses are also oliophobic and hydrophobic, which is a fancy way of saying: you can still enjoy perfect vision after you finish a greasy cheeseburger, in the rain!

The Founding Story

When I first heard my friend’s talk about reading glasses, I felt the pain and embarrassment in their online posts. I had just turned 40 and knew my turn was coming due.

As if it happened overnight, I suddenly found myself unable to read the fine print. Oh, the shame! Buying my first pair of readers was simply too much to bear.

Squinting, I researched where to buy reading glasses online and slammed my computer shut when I saw my options. I could either invest hundreds of dollars into something fashionable or swallow my pride and walk into a drugstore.

That's when the light bulb went off! Why should readers be something to shame or mock? I decided it was time to reverse the signs of aging and design an affordable line of reading glasses that look nothing like readers. And thus, CC Eyewear was born.