These days, many of us look and feel 10 years younger, but may need a little help reading the cocktail menu. We suddenly need to squint to see the fine print, and secretly have the extra large text option on our iPhone display. But thanks to fellow baddies like J.Lo and The Real Housewives (insert city name here), cultural standards of youth and beauty are a changin' with both women and men evolving more confidently than ever. Modern aging is less about being fearful of what's next, and more about being fierce on how we approach it. And above all else, It's about being interesting to look at. 

Drugstore reading glasses are typically poor in quality, and can feel like they are designed with our parents in mind leaving a huge unmet need for sophisticated eyewear options.  CC Eyewear offers fresh styles, top of the line materials, and relevant community-focused content through an exciting e-commerce platform. We combine your love of fashion, luxury, and fun with a surprisingly approachable price point. 

Help us help you change the perception of aging, and look as interesting as you are. 

CC Eyewear

P.S. We can't help you with your hangover, but we're working on it.